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Strategic Partners
Business Development
Laekna continues to seek opportunities for external partnerships

We own global licenses in a number of investigational products to treat cancer and liver diseases, and we are open to partnering with global pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Combination therapies

Recent studies showed that Laekna’s pipeline products possess shared and/or complementary mechanisms of action with other investigational drugs, thus having the potential for combination treatments. We are actively looking for partners to jointly develop global combination regimens.

Combination therapies

On top of in-house R&D, we also hope to in-license more high-quality products to further enhance our innovation pipeline.

Guy Rosenthal, Ph.D. MBA
Vice President,Head of Corporate and Business Development

Dr. Guy Rosenthal joined Laekna Therapeutics in 2021 as Vice President, Head of Corporate and Business Development. As part of leading the corporate and business development group, his responsibilities span from searching for and evaluating potential assets, licensing, and alliance management to forming strategic partnerships and defining the company’s commercial strategy. Dr. Rosenthal is based in Los Angeles, California, USA.


Prior to joining Laekna, Dr. Rosenthal served as Business Development Officer at The University of California Los Angeles Technology Development Group (TDG). In his role, he led corporate development and investment efforts, amongst others, to commercialize biopharmaceutical assets, predominantly in the fields of Immuno-Oncology, Immunology, and Computational Biology.  -------


Dr. Rosenthal has also worked with Global R&D of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (NASDAQ: TEVA) where he led global early-stage partnerships and has led innovative medical research in the Oncology and Neuro-Oncology fields when developing novel drug delivery platforms at VBL Therapeutics (NASDAQ: VBLT). Guy has completed numerous transactions including in/out-licensing of assets and creation of venture startups.


Dr. Rosenthal is also the Founder and Managing Director of The French Horn Fund, a nonprofit impact fund that invests in social enterprises and special-needs populations.   


Dr. Rosenthal holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management, B.Sc in Biotechnology and a Ph.D in both Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Life Sciences at Bar Ilan University, Israel.


Please contact our BD team:

Please contact our BD team:

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