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About Laekna

Founded in December 2016, Laekna Therapeutics is an emerging innovative biotech company based in Zhangjiang Pharma Valley in Shanghai, China and New Jersey, USA. It focuses on developing ground-breaking innovative therapies to treat cancer and liver diseases.

Laekna Therapeutics is adopting a two-pronged strategy in new product development. The company enriches its pipeline by obtaining the global licenses of novel drug candidates in the clinical stage of development for which safety and anti-cancer efficacy have been assessed. The company has obtained the global licenses of four new medicine candidates from Novartis. Meanwhile, Laekna is also establishing its internal product discovery team with multiple preclinical stage molecules. The most advanced molecules will apply for IND and soon move forward to clinical development stages.

Laekna leadership team members have over 20 years of experience in new medicine discovery and development in both China and the US, with an exceptional track record in R&D, new drug approvals and commercialization. Laekna has built its research and clinical development team by attracting top experts from global and local pharmaceutical or biotech companies. Laekna is committed to taking a science-based, innovation-driven approach to build its clinical R&D pipeline, and develop first-in-class and best-in-class innovative medicines. It has been developing an international platform for new product research and development to benefit patients.

An emerging
An emerging

innovative biotech

company based in

Zhangjiang Pharma

Valley in Shanghai,

China and New

Jersey, USA

Focused on developing
Focused on developing


innovative therapies

to treat cancer

and liver diseases

Striving for
Striving for

First-in-Class and



Management Team

December, Laekna established


June, Acquired global licenses of LAE001  


May, Completed Series A financing

May, Acquired global licenses of LAE002 & LAE003


August, Completed Series B financing


February, Acquired global licenses of LAE005

October, Completed series C financing


October, Complete series D financing



Q4 1st NDA to be submitted in China and the US

Q4 First internally discovered asset to start global clinical trial



Q2 GMP commercial production site in Lingang, Shanghai to start operation

Lab at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park

Glossary & abbreviations:

MCRPC: metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer IND: investigational new drug MRCT: multi-regional clinical trial PROC: platinum-resistant ovarian cancer TNBC: triple negative breast cancer ActRIIA: activin receptor type IIA HR+/HER2- breast cancer: the most common type of breast cancer with overexpression of HR and without overexpression of HER2
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