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Yang Mengxue

Chief Researcher
Joined Laekna Therapeutics in December 2017

I have benefited a lot from Laekna’s science-driven environment with its strong innovation and execution capabilities

The bond between Laekna and I started from a chat in a cafe. It was an informal interview, and I was greatly impressed by this innovative company. The warm and vibrant atmosphere touched me a lot.


After joining the company, I found that my decision was absolutely right. My job is preclinical research and development. At that time, several of the company’s projects were still in their infancy. Our founder and CEO Dr. Lu personally took the lead to get deeply involved in all aspects of research and development. I also obtained a lot of valuable experience in my work and benefited a lot. In a science-driven environment with strong innovation and execution capabilities, I am very glad that a project in which I participated successfully passed the company’s review to enter the preclinical candidate drug stage — This is an important milestone in preclinical research and development, meaning that the candidate drug is one step closer to entering the clinical stage.


This is a very meaningful job. We have a good team, and a good vision. I hope that my next project will also smoothly yield a pre-clinical drug candidate, and eventually benefit patients.

A day of Dr. Yang Mengxue:


Biological experiments

Conduct biological experiments based on pre-set design and preliminary preparation.



Summary of data analysis

Perform statistical analysis on data from biological experiments, work out experiment conclusions, and design optimization schemes


Literature Review

Check research papers and patents related to the project, and follow new developments and industry trends.


Patent related work and study

Complete patent-related work, learn and accumulate knowledge about patents


Communicate with CRO

Work closely with colleagues from external CRO to share the latest experiment results and discuss problems and solutions. Follow the progress and work out the schedule to coordinate internal and external processes.

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