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Financial Planning & Analysis
Joined Laekna in September, 2020

“Life is a journey of investment, so you need to choose the track that excites you, then grow with the company and succeed together.”

At Laekna, everyone calls her “Big Brother ''. But actually, Candice is a young, elite professional who returned to China after graduating from a prestigious school overseas, and has previously worked with foreign and Chinese Fortune 500 companies. She has been with Laekna for more than one year.

Why did “Big Brother” Candice fit in so well with an innovative biotech company like Laekna?


A platform for rapid growth 


I had my Bachelor’s degree in engineering, and Master’s degree in economics. As an atypical financial professional, I prefer to think outside the box, understand the needs of business departments, and offer them practical support.

Working with such a young biotech company allows me the opportunity to participate in many projects beyond the scope of traditional job descriptions. For example, I supported the set-up of subsidiaries in Beijing and Lingang, coordinated with investors on post-investment management and pre-investment due diligence, and I helped the company secure project loans. Through all this, I have not only stretched and expanded my capabilities, but also gained an intimate understanding of the industry very quickly. 

With the rapid development of the company, I anticipate that we will be empowered with an ever broader development platform and increasingly abundant resources as time goes on.


Highly aligned values


When I started to work with Laekna, the company only had a history of 3 to 4 years. It was a relatively low-profile, small but promising biotech company. Our scientists are very smart and humble. It seemed that CEO Chris knew everything in our specialty field when talking at various meetings, and he is a very kind person. When a rookie like me asked him some “simple” questions, he patiently answered them in a way that was easy to understand.

Our scientists and the clinical team devote themselves to research and development, because they believe every step counts in the journey towards success. This is the Laekna culture that I feel and appreciate. I think it’s not just about scientific research. It’s also the extra effort needed to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. I think as the business team and supporting functions strive to achieve the best outcomes possible, we will be able to bring forward great significance and value.


Segment with great value


I previously worked with investment companies. For investment, we first look at the segment. Life is also a journey of investment, so you need to choose the track that excites you, then grow with the company and succeed together.”

My job is financial analysis and planning. As a start-up, we need to develop our system from the ground up. Laekna has been quickly advancing its pipeline and expanding the organization, bringing new requirements and challenges for my work. Therefore, I have been actively communicating with business departments, dynamically adjusting models, and continuously optimizing processes to ensure that financial analysis can become an effective and timely tool for managers.

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