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Laekna hits the headlines during Shanghai International Biopharma Industry Week 2021


Shanghai debuted International Biopharma Industry Week on Oct 11st. Laekna has participated in several essential events such as the opening ceremony, the JP Morgan Global Healthcare Conference Shanghai Forum, the Zhangjiang Life Science International Innovation Summit, the Zhangjiang Life Science PR/IR Forum, etc, and achieved proactive interaction and communication with government officials, business partners and media. Several reports have been generated on the mainstream media, including a headline report featuring our researcher working in the lab on Shanghai Daily. Please find the extract of the report below. 

Shanghai's biomedicine policy a shot in the arm for industry players

Shanghai's latest pledge to further boost the strategic biopharmaceutical industry received praise and warm response from various industry players.

The International Biopharma Industry Week of Shanghai kicked off on Monday, hosting dozens of forums and industry discussion panels under the theme "Striving Together, Shaping Tomorrow."

Last year, Shanghai's biopharmaceutical industry was valued at 600 billion yuan (US$92.3 billion) with a gross industrial output of 140 billion yuan.

A total of 18 of the top 20 global pharma giants and 17 out of the top 20 medical device companies have set up their businesses in the city.

By 2025, life science industries in Shanghai are expected to have a market size of 1.2 trillion yuan and manufacturing output at 280 billion yuan.

"A multi-layered talent supply for both research and other professional services is also vital for the development of the industry in the long run," said Li Jia, director general of the Shanghai Institute of Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The ability to offer truly innovative products is what sets Shanghai aside from other domestic cities since it has the presence of established firms, startups, research institutions and hospitals. The capability to be truly innovative is vital for a world-class industry cluster, he said.

A returnee and former scientist at Novartis China's research center, Lu Xiangyang is exactly the type of talent Shanghai wants to retain.

Lu, who is CEO and founder of the four-year-old company Laekna Therapeutics, said he's looking forward to seeking commercial partnership and financiers at the industry week.

"Many of my peers with similar work and research experience are coming to Shanghai thanks to a complete industry value chain covering research, manufacturing, commercial marketing, and sales," he said.

The company aims to file for approval of a new cancer-treatment drug by the end of next year.

Lu said he hopes that as the industry week becomes an annual event it will serve as a bridge linking local and overseas industry players with international influence.

Shanghai's biomedicine policy a shot in the arm for industry players

A researcher works at Laekna Therapeutics's lab in Shanghai.

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